Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Update

As promised: pictures of Molly in her Easter dress (and espadrilles!)... or the dress that performed that duty, anyway. It was originally given by Grandmama to wear to Anna's wedding last weekend (big post on that trip coming sometime this week).

And earlier... out for a walk and brunch:

Happy Easter!

It's Molly's first Easter... and she took the "He is risen" saying to heart... and got up extra early to celebrate. But after a little TV and some time in the bouncer (bunny hopping?) she went back to bed. We may put her in an Easter dress later today for the cameras... but, for now, here are a few of her... and Dad, in a slightly regrettable photo... with bunny ears (from Grandmama) last weekend in Florida.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bouncer/Bathing Suit

This weekend we bought a bouncer for Molly... and she loves it! It's super strange that she knows right away to use her feet to turn herself towards a voice or Tabitha or whatever else her constantly distracted mind fixes on. She does little jigs, arabesques, turns, etc. and generally seems fascinated with her newfound freedom... that is, until she gets tired and starts crying.

We're going to Florida tomorrow to attend my cousin Anna's wedding and spend a few days at the beach. We're really looking forward to celebrating with our family and taking Molly for her first dip in the pool... she's ready.