Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catching Up

I know everybody always says it, and I know most of you don't care... but then there are the grandparents... so, for them, "I'm sorry it's been so long since the last post." Which reminds me of a funny web project by artist Cory Arcangel about this very topic:

Since June 1, Molly has turned seven and eight months, she's started pulling herself up, saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da (interchangeably to me and Courtney... and sometimes Tabitha... and inanimate objects), bathing in the tub sans baby bath, picking up food and feeding herself, drinking from a cup (assisted), trying to crawl, and lots of other stuff... it's hard to keep up. I have lots of pictures (and a couple videos)... and, for the most part, I'm going to just put them up with little to no explanation. So here we go.

We live about a mile or so from Prospect Park... so we walk up there a lot go the playgrounds, Botanic Gardens, etc. Molly especially loves to swing.

A few of Molly having lunch.

Some bathing pictures.

We've noticed that she has a really long
butt crack... sorry, but there's not really
any other way to say it.

A video of her playing hide and seek with herself in the mirror. For some reason, when she sees her reflection she screams. I think she's happy. Paging Dr. Lacan.

What I see about 7:30 every night before she goes to bed... Courtney nursing and rocking her while ukulele music plays (calms her, for some reason).

Dinner at Sripraphai.

Playing on the bed with her big bear.


Cuddling with Mom in the afternoon.

Lounging on the couch. OK, these are posed... leave her there, and in 10 seconds she'll go diving off onto the floor (Courtney is just out of frame, ready to catch her).

In addition to her trying to dive and roll off of things, Molly has added a new move to her repertoire: standing. I think this video is the second or third time she did it.

For Fourth of July weekend my boss generously allowed us to stay at his house in Woodstock (thanks Adam!!!) It's so beautiful up there... and so quiet... except for the overjoyed, shrieking baby in the pool.

Trying on her beautiful little blue dress that she would wear to her future-Aunt Ashley's bridal shower the following week.

And on Monday, the Fourth in her cute little flowered shift (yes, I'm working on my girl-world vocabulary) before we head out to Angie and Tim's Independence Day party.

Didn't want you to think it was all fun and games.

With Aunt Angie at the party...

...and Aunt Lin who came up from Atlanta.

Decked out in the patriotic regalia that Grandmama sent.

Not the best teething toy.

The next weekend (I think?) we went to Prospect Park and spent the day with Nicholas and Elizabeth, and their kids Amelia (my goddaughter) and Miles, who were all up from Baltimore.

Elizabeth/Miles, Courtney/Molly, Lindsey/Heloise

Amelia showing me a flower.

Molly and Miles.

Molly playing with my cell phone... which I quickly took away.

Undeterred, and with barely a hesitation, Molly 
decided to take Miles's.

Like I said, she loves to swing.

On July 13, Molly sent out a special greeting to my Mom.

Wearing the t-shirt that Pappa and Uncle Jacob brought her from MerleFest (a bluegrass festival).

And after she was finished trying to eat the floor mat, she decided to go after her playmate, Abigail.