Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bath with Mom, Dress, Bumbo, Park, Dad's* Birthday

No theme or narrative this time... just some stuff that happened over the past week.

Sharing a bath with Mom* the other day... and loving it! Kicking, splashing, and laughing the whole time. Bodes well for fun times at the pool this Summer.

Wearing the super-cute dress that Kelley and David gave her. Thanks guys!

Sitting in her Bumbo. She wobbles and struggles a little, but seems to enjoy it.

Taking a break while on a stroll with Mom in Prospect Park during the mini-Spring we had last Thursday.

Dad's birthday! Wearing her first item of parent-praising clothing (who's really speaking in this t-shirt?)... and being bounced during dinner at Sripraphai (already her second time there).

*I'm a little uncomfortable referring to Courtney as Mom and myself as Dad in these posts... but it works for the writing... so long as we don't start calling each other that.

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