Monday, February 7, 2011


Another long break since the last post... three weeks this time. Courtney, Molly, and I went down to Georgia to visit our families. Things have been pretty busy since our return... sorry.

So we were pretty nervous with the first leg of this trip... all because Molly would be taking her first flight. I've been annoyed by enough crying babies on planes to know that there's something about it that doesn't agree with them. But our little girl didn't make a peep. She slept most of the flight, had a little snack, and made her parents proud... or relieved.

After arriving at the Atlanta airport, we met Courtney's parents (who came to the airport to loan us their car... thanks Bill and Sharon!!!) for lunch. Molly unleashed several of her newly discovered smiles for Grammy and Grandaddy (although none for the camera).

We made the 3 1/2 hour drive down to Albany and Molly proved again to be a stalwart traveller... little to no crying and she waited until we made it to Cordele until she needed to nurse (I took advantage of the rest stop to nurse as well... on Stripling's amazing, amazing sausage dogs).

After arriving in Albany and unpacking the car, we went straight over to my Dad's house so she could meet her Pappa (pronounced Pap-paw) and Uncle Jacob. 

Kicking the tires.

Now that Molly had checked off all her grandparents, we went back to Grandmama's where Molly met her Great Aunt Tutta... who gave her a bath.

And, of course, Grandmama was over the moon about seeing her little Molly.

The next day Molly was in for a real treat... she met her Great-Grandmother... Mimi! 

We spent the next few days in Albany hanging out with my parents and introducing Molly to more of her South Georgia family. And possibly I ate too many chicken livers and other fried Southern goodies.

With Uncle Jacob.

And her Great Uncle Bill.

With Pappa outside his office.

In her pod... protected from the rain.

So after a few really great days in Albany, it was time for Dad to go back to work in New York. I was sad to leave my girls... but maybe, just maybe I looked forward to catching up on movies, dining out, and sleep. Little did I know that that the Old Man Winter would tack on four more days to our scheduled week apart. So now I'm going to let Courtney take over and tell about her week in Atlanta.

OK, it's me.  I don't like doing this stuff...I don't watch YouTube; I'm not on facebook and I don't like writing for all the world to see.  But, I'll do it... just so you can all see more pictures of my cute Molly!!!

Molly and I had our first road trip driving from Albany to Atlanta.  Everyone but me seemed worried about driving 3 1/2 hours by myself with a newborn...probably because they all knew better than me.  But, Molly defied expectations and was a great (quiet) traveler.  Our first stop was Kathryn and Stacy's in Decatur.  We then headed up to my parents' house in Acworth.  Molly met and spent time with lots of family and friends.  And thanks to Grammy, I got some much needed grown-up time with friends and Kathryn -- dinners out, time at the Korean spa...such a treat!

Evie wanted some time with Aunt Court. 

Molly meets Uncle Kyle and Aunt Ashley 
(my wonderful soon-to-be sister-in-law!).

The girls take a trip to the mall.

Kelley and her son, Jin, meet Molly.  Jin loved kissing her head!

Grammy loves her girls.

Babies love Lindy!

Cousin Carrie stops by.

Molly and her great-grandma.

We celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday at Picadilly Cafeteria...
the perfect place to take an old man and a baby out to dinner!

Baby cousins.

Meeting Officer Uncle Kyle at his "office"(the Atlanta airport).
Heading home to New York City!

In closing, I now have more sympathy for Josh...blogging is a pain...please go easy on him when he falls behind with the posts.

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