Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Molly started eating food this week... not exactly solid... just a little rice cereal. It was fun and a mess.

First lesson: how to use a spoon.

No, not that end.

Right, but not in the ear.

There you go!

Then Courtney jumped right in gave Molly her first meal.

There it is... first bite.

At first, she was pretty excited...

...but the novelty wore off and things started to go south.

So, the next day, I gave it a shot. It went a bit smoother this time... no crying... but I'm not sure how much she actually got down. 

Then, by day three, when Court gave it another go, Molly was starting to get it. No fussing... and I'm pretty sure she ate more than she spilled or spit out (these pictures to the contrary).

It's been almost about a week since these pictures were taken, and Molly is well on her way to mastering the spoon... and I guess that means Court and I are well on our way to having to deal with real, brown poop. Yay!

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